6 days in the French Alps - with health benefits: First steps in the Alexander Technique

Onetime session

5th to 11th September 2017 - Near Grenoble

The holiday will consist of 4 mornings of tuition in a small group (max. 6) - £180 including a picnic-style lunch afterwards. There will be an optional private one-to-one session at 35 euros.

Successes of the Alexander Technique include: managing neck and back pain, rejuvenating posture, relieving stress and improving performance and energy levels. (Yes, all of them!) It has been recommended for NHS funding.

The venue will be a light and spacious apartment in the village of La Mure, with beautiful views of the mountains. Three bedrooms (with ensuite bathroom) are available in a small nearby hotel at £210 for the six nights. (The 3 rooms in the flat are now booked). In the evening supper can be taken either in local restaurants (payable on the spot) or made in our own kitchen.

For exploring the area we will have one full day and 4 half days free. There will be opportunities for walking, and a basic level of fitness (ability to walk 4 miles) will ensure you get the most out of this trip. A visit to the spectacular street market and bric-a-brac paradise is also possible.

Additional costs will be an Easyjet flight - 08.10 - from Gatwick to Lyon (from £60 return - the sooner booked the cheaper) and a share in car hire from Lyon Airport for 6 days (£50 - £70 per person).  (A car is essential for exploring the highlights of this amazing region and useful for getting to La Mure, though it may not be used every day). It is possible, but lengthy, to travel from the airport up to La Mure by public transport. The return flight from Lyon will be 18.40 on the 11th.

Deposit £100 to reserve a place.

For more on the Alexander Technique and your tutor, Anna Cooper MSTAT, please visit www.alexandertechniquesurrey.co.uk

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Specialist and residential
All welcome
Deposit £100 to reserve a place. - Total cost approximately £510 depending on how quickly you book; air fares will rise shortly
01306 882 336
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I received my first Alexander lesson about 13 years ago when I hurt my back. After that first lesson I felt 95% better. I felt WHOLE. And I continue to receive lessons twice a month.

Carol Meade, Wallingford CT USA

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