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The Alexander Technique community is open to all of you and STAT, the oldest and largest organisation of Alexander Technique, welcomes you to join. From a…

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Learning the Alexander Technique is best achieved through one-to-one lessons with teachers.  This allows you to work with teacher on your individual habits of…

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Annual Reports

To view an Annual Report and Accounts, please select a document from below. Annual Report 2013


Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2013 - Approved at the AGM 2014, on 14th June.


Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2013 - Approved at the AGM 2014, on 14th June.

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On this page you will find information on: The notes provided after the discussions at the AGM Discussion I - Assessement Debate 2014 (Antonella Cavallone…

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There have been a number if articles in the news since the last time we sent you a publicity report. Please accept my apologies for not keeping you regularly…

At about the age of 45, I began to experience severe pain in both of my knees. I was told I had damaged the cartilage, initially caused by the use of a kicking strap on a sailing dinghy, and made worse by many years of beagling, and to stop beagling or risk ending up in a wheelchair. A few years later a friend suggested the Alexander Technique. At first I was very sceptical, but had also reached the stage where I was ready to try virtually any means to solve the problem. A few weeks after my first lesson, I had gone out beagling, but only walking.

Chris Walsh

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