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The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique is privileged to be working with Dentists’ Provident and promoting the Technique to their members.

The Alexander Technique will help you learn how to take care of yourself while taking care of others.


Why Alexander Technique for dentists?

We all know that dentists put their backs under a lot of stress and pressure, so having your own back maintenance programme can go a long way to helping you stay fit.

Kevin Esplin, a Dentists’ Provident member, retired dentist and former partner and specialist dentist in Cambridge said “The Technique retrains your brain in how to position and use your body to cause least harm. As dentists we put ourselves in strained and unnatural positions for long periods of time. Basic exercises can dramatically reduce the pain at the end of a day or week. Most dentists will be aware of a certain level of pain or discomfort in their backs, that I really feel can be helped enormously at any age by the Alexander Technique.


Here are just some of the areas that the Alexander Technique could help you:

Back Pain

“The Alexander Technique is about how we move during everyday activities and it can help you use your body in conjunction with your equipment and while caring for your patients. You learn to avoid bad postural habits that can create chronic discomfort or pain caused by the repeated nature of your tasks. The Technique can help you reduce unnecessary strain, and lessons will teach you how to implement a new ease in your performance.” Antonella Cavallone BA, MSTAT 


There have been a number of scientific studies on the AT including:

The paper ‘Randomised controlled trial of Alexander technique lessons, exercise and massage (ATEAM) for chronic and recurrent back pain’ published in the BMJ in 2008, that found that one-to-one lessons with Alexander Technique teachers had long term benefits for people with chronic back pain.

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“At a basic level we all know that the mind and body operate together as one. For example, if we’re stressed our neck and shoulders tighten and this, in turn, contributes to feeling more stressed. If you tend to react in an automatic, habitual way to what life throws at you, then you are likely to end up feeling more stressed. With the Alexander Technique you develop the ability to consciously prevent unwanted habitual reactions, whether physical or emotional”. Julia Woodman, BSc, PhD MSTAT


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Dentists’ Provident and Alexander Technique

Dentists’ Provident has supported dentists with income protection insurance in the UK and Ireland for over a hundred years. Providing dentists with a plan they can tailor for every stage of their personal and professional lives, so they can protect themselves against the financial consequences of illness or injury; helping to look after the important things in life. Dentists’ Provident is a mutual organisation so, with no shareholders, they exist solely for the benefit of their members.

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Dentists’ Provident produces articles and members’ newsletters on a variety of health and wellbeing topics and techniques, including the AT, to support dentists and remind them to look after their own health and well-being, as well as that of their patients.

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