Manchester Alexander Technique Training School (MATTS)

United Kingdom

Head of Training: Peter Bloch (Carrington, 1987)

Head of Training Emeritus: Malcolm Williamson (Carrington, 1984), Assistant Head of Training: Jane Osgood (Burton, 1994), Co-Assistant Head of Training: Liz Hulse (Williamson, 2004). Other regular teachers include: Janet Pinder-Emery (ATA 1986), Gillian Thorndyke, Pauline Lang, Jane Evans, Sue Fleming, Gillian Pierce, Marie Leenhardt, Kim Cant, David Hudson, Jenny Fox-Eades, Maggie Bishop, Annalisa Faenza, Sue Fergusson, Karen McCarthy, Charlotte Woods, Rhiannon Jones, Su Harrison, Andrea Hughes - and many more. 

STAT Moderator: Dorothea Magonet (Magidov, 1983).

Teacher Training Address
4 Chapel Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5HX
Contact Details

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Email:  Telephone: 01625-548233


A foundation of individual lessons in the Alexander Technique and a commitment to ongoing personal development through the application of the principles of the Technique.

Following a visit to the school, course admission requires an interview with the Head and Assistant Heads of Training. This requirement may be waived for regular visitors who we have come to know well.

People of all backgrounds and ages (minimum 18 years) are welcome and encouraged to apply. Once accepted, students can enrol at any time of year. Although STAT does not encourage part time training because of the many advantages of a more intensive course, it is also possible to train over a period longer than three years.

We also offer foundation courses, providing an immersive, intensive Alexander Technique experience. This can be helpful to a wide range of people (including performing artists who wish to resolve long-standing technical problems, people with chronic pain, people with a special interest in the Technique, etc) as well as for anyone considering training as an AT teacher who would like to find out more before committing themselves to the full three-year course. In most cases the hours completed in foundation courses can count towards the professional training.

We run a weekly CPD class on Thursdays which attracts teachers from all over the region. Qualified teachers may join our training course at any point in the year, either part-time or full-time, for a period of postgraduate study in a school known for its friendly, supportive and non-judging attitude, led by teachers with long experience in the training and development of teachers.

Three 13-week terms per year (each with a half term week) for 3 years
Weekly Hours
16 hours, Wednesday – Saturday 9 am – 1 pm
Course Fees
£6,000 per year
Year Founded
Current Trainees

MATTS continues its long-established tradition of offering a first class traditional training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique. MATTS provides a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in a pleasant location, a vibrant dedication to quality, and class hours, student-teacher ratios and teachers of great experience all well in excess of STAT minimum requirements.
Please visit our website for details of the curriculum.

Additional notes

MATTS is situated in Wilmslow, a small, pleasant town set in Cheshire countryside eleven miles south of Manchester city centre and five miles from Manchester Airport. The school is in a large Victorian house, a five minute walk from the town centre and a ten minute walk from a major mainline railway station offering direct trains throughout the UK, including at least four trains an hour to Manchester (20 mins) and an hourly high speed train to London (1 hour 40 mins). Wilmslow is a 10 minute drive from the M56 and a 20 minute drive from the M6 and the M60 motorways.