Edinburgh Alexander Training School


Head of training: Julia Woodman (Williamson, 2006).

Training team includes:

  • Sandra Riddell (Hardwicke/McDowell, 2005)
  • Sarah Bonner-Morgan (Clark/Simmons/Waterhouse, 1999)
  • Julia Roberts (Williamson, 2010)
  • Kirsten Harris (Burton, 1995)
  • Robert Taylor (Hardwicke/McDowell, 2002)
  • Christina Pritchard (Hardwicke/McDowell, 2014)
  • Erica Donnison (Hardwicke/McDowell, 2004)
  • Sue Fleming (Williamson, 2008).


Visiting teachers include: Malcolm Williamson, Kathleen Ballard and Dorothea Magonet (STAT Moderator).

Teacher Training Address
Joppa Road, Edinburgh, EH15 2HB
Contact Details

0131 669 5595 / 07932 967344




Have some prior experience of learning the Alexander Technique to understand and apply the basic principles; be committed to ongoing personal development through deepening one’s Alexander understanding and application, and to developing the professional skills required of an Alexander teacher. Following a visit to the school, course admission is through interview with the Head and Assistant Head of Training.

People of all backgrounds and ages (18 years+) are welcome and encouraged to apply. Students can enrol at the beginning of any term. Part-time training over a longer period of time may be available for students who are unable to train full-time.

Foundation Course: We also offer a 12-week immersive course for people who wish to deepen their Alexander understanding, skills and confidence for self-development, and for those who may be considering the full professional training but not yet ready to commit to it. Completion of the Foundation course will count towards the professional training for students who decide to continue.

Two 12-week terms and one 11 week-term per year for 3 years.
Weekly Hours
Wednesday (6.30-9.30pm); Thursday, Friday and Saturday (9.30am-1.30pm).
Course Fees
£5,100 per year
Year Founded
Current Trainees

We provide comprehensive training in all aspects needed to become a competent, confident, thoughtful, and successful Alexander teacher. Students benefit from working in a small group setting with a highly skilled training team and a low student-to-trainer ratio (usually around 3-to-1 and never more than 5-to-1).

We are committed to providing a rich learning environment that is supportive, enquiring and explorative, empowering and life enhancing, principle and evidence-based, rigorous and professional, collaborative and fun, open and diverse. In addition to a thorough grounding in the essential Alexander skills and understanding, the curriculum includes: teaching and learning practice and theory, application of the Technique to a wide variety of activities including voice and movement-based work, study of relevant literature (from our extensive library), practical anatomy, personal research skills and awareness of Alexander-related research; business and professional skills; student-led projects and clear guidance on how to work on oneself outside of class hours. Training is a mixture of group and one-to-one practical work and discussion. We offer ongoing mentoring and support for our graduates.

Additional notes

EATS is situated at Edinburgh’s seaside, Portobello, in lovely Victorian premises, with excellent public transport links. The beach and nearby parks are used for any outdoor work.