Bristol Alexander School

United Kingdom

Caroline Chalk (Head of Training), Jackie Evans, Phil Batty, Gudi Schepokat. 

Teacher Training Address
The Southmead Community Centre, 248 Greystoke Avenue, Bristol, BS10 6BQ
Contact Details

Telephone: 07711 181 401



Ideally at least 30 private lessons, although attendance on Alexander courses would count also. A sense of curiosity and an interest in continued learning and self development.

We like prospective students to visit the school to meet the tutors and students; and get a ‘feel' for the school and how it runs. You will have a meeting with Caroline (HoT) to discuss the training in more detail.

3 terms a year, each of 11 weeks with one week half term.
Weekly Hours
15 hours total - Thursday evening 3 hours, Friday & Sat 6 hours with an hours break in the middle
Course Fees
£1650 per term
Year Founded


Includes individual sessions and group work.

Developing throughout the three years:

Understanding the theory and practice of FM Alexander's principles through book study on Alexander texts. Learning anatomy & physiology through body mapping. Development of personal responsibility and choice, including the emotional aspects of change.

Understanding the use of your voice; movement classes; discussion groups and talks; video study; student presentations building up to giving introductory talks on the Alexander Technique.

Teaching skills:

Learning how to use your hands in teaching Alexander Technique. Observation and verbal skills development. General teaching skills, including use of questions in teaching, creating information sheets, practicalities of setting up in private practice and creating a website.

In their third year, trainees progress to giving supervised lessons to members of the public in class time; they give talks and teach music students at Bristol University.

Home study and written work varies from one to four hours a week. There is an optional post graduate teaching term of one day a week.



Additional notes

From Sep 2020 we're offering modular training - giving flexibility in training options. During Covid 19 pandemic we’re delivering the training online 3 mornings a week for 3 hours. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

We’re currently taking applications for the training course starting in September 2022.