Alexander Technique School, Queen's Park

United Kingdom

Head of Training: Ilana Machover (Magidov 1984)

Teacher Training Address
5 Milman Road, Queen's Park, London NW6 6EN
Contact Details

Telephone: 020 8969 5356 Enquiries: Evenings
Email: [email protected]


Previous individual lessons, Interview with head of training. Visit to school advisable.

Three terms per year
Weekly Hours
09.00 to 13.00 Monday to Thursday
Course Fees
£4650 per year
Year Founded
Current Trainees

Course content follows STAT guidelines. About 80 per cent of the teaching time is devoted to practical work. This is the principal route towards understanding, experiencing and internalising the fundamental concepts of FM Alexander's discoveries: primary control, inhibition, directions, conscious control, unity of mind and body, means whereby, end gaining and non-doing, acknowledging the force of habit, and our deficient proprioception.

Theoretical work includes daily reading from classics of AT literature. Specialist sessions devoted to anatomy and physiology, vision, Dart procedures, voice and movement.

Every effort is made to include relevant topics requested by trainees. Each student gets intensive daily attention and is gradually guided to develop hands-on work and other teaching skills.

Additional notes

New trainees may enrol at the beginning of any term. The school occupies an entire ground floor of a Victorian house: a large, airy, well-equipped teaching room facing Queen’s Park; cloakroom; bathroom; kitchen and conservatory. There is a good reference library. Our location enables us to make frequent use of the park for outdoor work and activities. Excellent public transport connections: underground, overground and buses. Car-parking facility is also available.


I started the Alexander Technique due to slight scoliosis and a stretched nerve in my left lower back and I thought it would improve my posture which could only help my injury! I've got far more out of the technique than just improved posture! The first thing that I've learned is how to work with my Alexander Technique teacher and my body to control the pain! When the horrible muscle spasms start, I can now use breathing to help instead of lying on the floor helpless.

Lyndsey Hayes - Social Sciences teacher

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