The Alexander Teacher Training School

United Kingdom

Head of training: Anthony Kingsley (Shmuel Nelkin, 1986)

Teacher Training Address
853 Finchley Road, London, NW11 8LX
Contact Details

Telephone: (day) 020 7629 1808 or (evening) 020 8883 2105


Students wishing to enroll on this course should be able to demonstrate an interest and a sound understanding of the Alexander Technique, and will have undertaken a reasonable number of private Alexander lessons. Applicants will if possible visit the school, and have lesson(s) and an interview with the Head of Training.

Weekly Hours
09.00 to 13.00 Tuesday to Friday
Course Fees
£4725 per year
Year Founded
Current Trainees

Curriculum: At least 80% of the training will be practical work, in keeping with the fundamentally practical nature of the Technique. The core curriculum is based on Alexander’s basic principles, and will therefore cover the essential concepts of inhibition and directions, the unity of mind and body, doing and non-doing, the force of habit and false sensory. Each day there will be time for reading Alexander’s writings or other relevant material.

The philosophy of the training is to encourage a lively and open-minded exploration of the Alexander Technique. We believe that the best teachers develop a unique contribution to the Alexander world, and that being faithful to the Alexander concepts does not require a sacrifice of individual creativity. The aim of the training is for each student to integrate within themselves the theory and practice of the Alexander Technique.

In addition, experts will offer seminars in the following fields:
Basic anatomy, physiology and pathology.
Professionalism and ethics.
People skills, mind-body explorations.
Alexander, music and the performing arts.

Additional notes

The centre for psychophysical education. UKBA International Student Sponsor.