Regional groups of teachers - contacts

Many areas in the UK have local groups of teachers. These function as informal support groups, organising work swaps, creating contacts for members who would like, for example, to run a workshop with another teacher, or just providing an opportunity to meet for lunch and a chat.

Each regional group can have its own area within the website in which it can conduct discussions, store documents or arrange events specifically for that group.

See below for the list of contacts.

Bristol  Claire Coveney
Cambridge  Ann O'Brien
Cornwall Janet Wright
Cumbria and Lancashire  Erica Donnison
East Midlands  Miriam Wohl
Edinburgh  Julia Woodman
Fife  George Coltart
Hebden Bridge Sheila Hamnett
Hertfordshire, South West  Jan Moffat
London, Bloomsbury  Natacha Osorio
London, North  Hidemi Hatada
London, South West and Surrey  Ken Peacock
London, West  Liz Dodgson
North West England  Bryan Stephens
Oxfordshire  Patrick Ardagh-Walter
Somerset  Gail Clarke
Sussex  Korina Biggs
Wales, South  Penny Spawforth
West Midlands  Clare Dannatt
Worcestershire and Herefordshire    
Yorkshire  Annie Whitehead
Ireland  Richard Brennan
Spain  Don Kirkley


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Annie Dillnutt, golfer
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